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Fantoni IV arrives, plays and scores

Updated: May 8

Game 3, Serie A

Sunday, September 28, 1947

Stadio Nazionale, Rome

Lazio Modena 1-0

Thanks to a goal by debutant Fantoni IV, the Biancocelesti manage to beat Modena

Source Lazio Wiki

Modena attacked right from the beginning and had numerous chances to score. In the 12th minute following an Ermando Maliverni cross, Sergio Bertoni I hit the woodwork. Lazio, without Constantino De Andreis and Enrique Flamini, played with their new signing Orlando Fantoni IV who took some time to adapt to the new circumstances. But right when it looked as if the Biancocelesti were about to collapse, they scored. In the 28th minute Aldo Puccinelli took a corner, the ball went into the box and there was a scramble which was solved by Fantoni IV. Lazio 1 Modena 0.

In the 33rd minute Salvatore Gualtieri saved a header by Francesco Pernigo on the line. Then, as the match progressed Lazio started to be more organised and Romano Penzo missed a couple of easy chances.

The result was never in doubt and despite Lazio not being particularly brilliant, at least they were effective. Fantoni IV played a good game, he will be useful during the course of the season.

Who played for Lazio

Manager: Cargnelli

Who played for Modena

Corghi, Silvestri, Braglia, Malinverni, Neri, Menegotti, Milani, Cassani, Pernigo, Bertoni, Del Medico.

Manager: Mazzoni

Referee: Canavesio

Goals: 28’ Fantoni IV



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