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Could have been worse, could have been better

Updated: Apr 29

Game 18, Serie B

Sunday, January 16, 1983

Stadio Cibali, Catania

Catania Lazio 1-1

A last-minute penalty takes away a victory after a spectacular Giordano goal

Source SS Lazio Museum

The Biancocelesti started the game with a great fear of losing. It did not help that Clagluna decided to substitute Claudio Ambu, suspended, with Maurizio Montesi instead of another forward like Stefano Chiodi. The result was that Bruno Giordano was left completely isolated in the desert up front whereas the rest of the team had to put up a wall in front of Nando Orsi.

Catania assaulted the Lazio fort right from the start, but the Biancocelesti managed to hold off the  islanders' continued forays.

The second half was more even but Catania continued to be dangerous and had numerous chances. Then in the 78th minute a sign of light. Vincenzo D’Amico managed to conquer a ball at midfield and went forward. Ball to Giordano on the right who once in the box sent a spectacular curling shot that beat Marco Onorati. From possible collapse to possible win.

Catania poured forward for an equaliser but Lazio held them off well until in the 81st minute Lionello Manfredonia got a second yellow card and was sent off. The assault in the final minutes produced a penalty when Marco Saltarelli and Enrico Vella sandwiched Roberto Barozzi in the box. Ennio Mastalli took the penalty and the match ended in a draw.

A pity, but Lazio had done very little to win this game.

Who played for Catania


Onorati, C. Ranieri, Mosti (80' V. Marino), M. Giovannelli (80' Paganelli), Chinellato, Mastropasqua, Morra II, Mastalli, Barozzi, Crusco, Crialesi.

Substitutes Alonso, Ciampoli, Labrocca.

Manager: Di Marzio.


Who played for Lazio


Substitutes: Moscatelli, De Nadai, Surro, Chiodi

Manager: Clagluna


Referee: Facchin


Goals: 78’ Giordano, 90’ Mastalli (pen)




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