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Game, set and match

Game 10, Serie A

Sunday, December 4, 1932

Stadio PNF, Rome

Lazio Alessandria 6-0

Big win for the Biancocelesti over the Piedmontese

Source Wikipedia

After nine games the Biancocelesti were 10th. They had however managed to beat Ambrosiana Inter in Milan and had won the derby.


Lazio started the game at full speed and scored after only two minutes. Anfilogino “Filò” Guarisi ran down the wing, dribbled past Michele Borelli and crossed. Alejandro Demaria was ready in the box and headed the ball in. 1-0 for the Biancocelesti.


Alessandria tried to react but apart from a couple of shots from Renato Catteneo and Alfredo Notti in the 18th and 23rd minute, both saved by Ezio Sclavi, they were unable to be dangerous.


In the 33rd minute José “Ratto” Castelli sent the ball forward, but it hit an Alessandria defender. Demaria picked it up and passed on the right. Antonio Bisigato, Juan Fantoni I and Borelli all rushed towards the ball but it was the former who managed to beat Teresio Chiodi for Lazio’s second.


Four minutes later the Biancocelesti made it three. Filò passed to Bisigato who, despite being challenged by Oreste Barale and Borrelli, managed to get a shot at goal. Chiodi parried but Demaria tapped the ball into the net.


The enthusiasm led Lazio to look for a fourth but Chiodi this time managed to save a Fantoni I shot in the 41st minute. The half ended with Armando Del Debbio deflecting a big whack from Notti into corner and Sclavi making a good save on a Renato Catteneo attempt.


The second half opened exactly how the first one finished: Alessandria attacking to reduce the deficit. In the 46th minute Sclavi again managed to make a good save on a Notti shot. Alessandria attacked continuously from the left but were not very dangerous. Lazio on the other hand went close to their fourth. In the 59th minute Filò shaved the crossbar after a free kick. Notti again tried his luck in the 62nd minute but Sclavi made a magnificent save. In the 67th Catteno kicked the ball wide from a favourable position.


In the 71st minute, there was a free kick for the Biancocelesti about 25 metres from the goal. Filò with a precise shot beat Chiodi for Lazio’s fourth. Three minutes later Sclavi was miraculous on a Giovanni Riccardi close range volley. Quick Biancocleste counter attack and Bisigato with a long range shot beat Chiodi for his second goal of the day.


Why not make it six? In the 79th minute Fantoni I finally allowed Chiodi to make a save. A minute later Giuseppe Fenoglio handballed in the box. Ratto Castelli took the penalty and made it six for the Biancocelesti.


Towards the end of the game Scalvi had quite a bit of work. In the 84th minute Notti tried for the umpteenth time but the Lazio goalkeeper saved. In the 87th minute Sclavi saved a Riccardi shot, Cinzio Scagliotti tried again but hit the woodwork. One minute from the end Osvaldo Perazzo tried his luck but the ball went wide.


A great victory for Lazio!!!


Who played for Lazio


Sclavi, Del Debbio, Mattei II, Serafini, Pardini, Fantoni I, Guarisi, Bisigato, Fantoni II, Castelli, Demaria

Manager: Sturmer


Who played for Alessandria


Chiodi, Fenoglio, Borelli, Avalle, Costenaro, Barale III, Cattaneo, Scagliotti, Notti, Riccardi, Perazzo

Manager: Molnar


Referee: Gama


Goals: 2' Demaria, 33' Bisigato, 37' Demaria, 71' Guarisi, 74' Bisigato, 80' Castelli (pen).




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