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Piola destroys Juventus

Game 6, Serie A

Sunday, November 8, 1942

Stadio PNF, Rome

Lazio Juventus 5-3

Four Piola goals send the Zebras back home with their tails between their legs

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The Biancocelesti had little ambition but in the first five games so far there had been some illustrious wins against Ambrosiana Inter and Bologna, but two defeats away from home (Livorno and Bari). They were currently 7th.

The match

In the 3rd minute Silvio Piola was able to get past Carlo Parola and shoot, but it was slightly too high. In the 10th minute after a corner taken by Mario Ventimiglia, Ugo Locatelli managed to beat Uber Gradella but Alessandro Ferri saved on the line. On the subsequent counter attack, Silvestro Pisa to Enrique Flamini who passed to Hengelbert Koenig who shot. He hit the woodwork but Piola scored on the rebound.

Piola shot time and time again, but they were always just out. Parola had to go off injured and when he came back on he moved to the wing (there were no substitutions at that time). Francesco Capocasale took his place in the centre of defence.

After thirty seconds in the second half, Vittorio Sentimenti III was (possibly) fouled by Alberto Fazio and the referee gave Juventus a penalty which Sentimenti took and scored. Lazio 1 Juve 1.

The draw did not last long. Two minutes later, Sentimenti III missed an easy goal and on the counter attack Flamini tried a shot which took on a strange trajectory fooling Giuseppe Peruchetti. Lazio back in the lead. Which became 3-1 when in the 50th minute Piola tried another shot which went under the belly of the keeper.

In the 62nd minute Giuseppe Meazza passed to Ventimiglia, big whack, Gradella did what he could, Savino Bellini was ready for the tap in. 3-2.

One minute later Piola was stopped with a foul in the box by Capocasale. Penalty for Lazio and Piola made it 4-2. Juventus were completely out of the game and in the 64th Piola scored his fourth, 5-2.

In the 77th minute apparently Luciano Ramella touched the ball with his hand in the box. Third penalty of the day and the specialist Sentimenti III scored his double.

Entertaining match, terrible referee.

Who played for Lazio

Manager: Popovic

Who played for Juventus

Peruchetti, Foni, Varglien (II), Capocasale, Parola, Locatelli, Bellini, Borel II, Meazza, Sentimenti III, Ventimiglia

Manager: Borel II

Referee: Pizziolo

Goals: 12’ Piola, 46’ Sentimenti III (pen), 48’ Flamini, 50’ Piola, 62’ Bellini, 63’ Piola (pen), 64’ Piola, 77’ Sentimenti III (pen)



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