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Arrivederci 1947-48!!!

Updated: Feb 5

Game 42, Serie A

Sunday July 4, 1948

Stadio Nazionale, Rome

Lazio Sampdoria 3-3

A spectacular six goal draw finishes off the season

Source Lazio Wiki

Sometimes the last matches of the season can be boring when there is nothing at stake. But not this one. The two teams threw all tactics out the window and played openly.

Sampdoria started really well and put the Lazio defence in great difficulty. In the 8th minute an unlucky deflection by Leandro Remondini on an Adriano Bassetto shot gave the Genoese lead. The Biancocelesti reacted and equalised in the 24th minute. A Flavio Cecconi-Romano Penzo-Aldo Puccinelli combination allowed the little Lazio winger to score with a clinical shot.

In the 40th minute the Biancocelesti took the lead when a cross by Cecconi was hammered in by Costantino De Andreis.

In the second half a Hengelbert Koenig double gave Sampdoria the lead. In the 59th minute the former Lazio centre forward tapped the ball in after a Giuseppe Baldini shot hit the crossbar. Two minutes later the Austrian scored again following a Bassetto assist.

In the 67th minute Lazio equalised. Cecconi won a challenge with Bruno Gramaglia and beat Satiro Lusetti.

Everybody was happy at the end of the game and the spectators applauded both teams. They had enjoyed themselves.

Who played for Lazio

Manager: Tognotti

Who played for Sampdoria

Lusetti, Vicich, Ballico, Zorzi, Bertoni, Gramaglia, Rebuzzi (II), Bassetto, Koenig, Barsanti, Baldini.

Manager: Baloncieri

Referee: Camiolo

Goals: 8’ Remondini (og), 24’ Puccinelli, 40’ De Andreis, 59’ Koenig, 61 Koenig, 67’ Cecconi



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