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Lazio capitalise on goalkeeper mistake

Game 25, Serie A

Sunday, April 16, 1933

Stadio Comunale, Busto Arsizio

Pro Patria Lazio 2-3

Gabriotti, Demaria and Fantoni I give Lazio a deserved victory

Source Lazio Wiki

At the end of the first half of the season Lazio were 12th. They had beaten Ambrosiana Inter away and had won the derby. They were currently 13th. Good opportunity today as Pro Patria were joint last.

Lazio started well and in the early minutes of the game Joao Fantoni I had an opportunity but his shot went wide. In the 10th minute Mario Lovetti could have opened the score for the hosts but his shot also went wide, as did an Italo Rossi attempt five minutes later. In the 25th minute after a throw-in, Francesco Gabriotti collected the ball, dribbled past Paolo Agosteo and scored. The lead did not last long. In the 34th minute Rossi found the gap in the Lazio defensive wall and beat Ezio Sclavi.

In the second half Pro Patria were more organised and the Biancocelesti seemed to be waiting for the right moment to score. And they did. In the 55th minute an Alejandro Demaria- Gabriotti one-two gave an opportunity to the Brazilian who did not miss. The hosts attacked en masse and in the 74th minute, in a big scramble in the Lazio penalty box, Mario Dalfini managed to equalise.

The Biancocelesti had a last spark of energy left and the hosts seemed tired. In the 34th minute Demaria had a powerful shot parried into corner by Gaetano Colombo II. On the corner kick, Fantoni I got the ball and shot towards the keeper who, surprised, let it go under his legs. Pro Patria 2 Lazio 3. Game over.


Who played for Pro Patria


Colombo II, Agosteo, Mara, Borsani, Dusi, Arnoldi, Rossi, Stella, Masera, Loetti, Dalfini

Manager: Szalay


Who played for Lazio


Sclavi, Bertagni, Del Debbio, Fantoni II, Tonali, Serafini, Buscaglia, Fantoni I, Bisigato, Gabriotti, Demaria

Manager: Sturmer


Referee: Bevilacqua


Goals: 25’ Gabriotti, 34’ Rossi, 55’ Demaria, 74’ Dalfini, 81’ Fantoni I




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