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The first time

Updated: May 20

Coppa Fornari, Final

Sunday, June 26, 1932

Campo Testaccio, Rome

Roma Lazio 0-3

Lazio beat Roma for the first time in the Coppa Fornari final

Campo testaccio. Source Wikipedia

The season had ended but Lazio still had to play the final of the Coppa Fornari. The Cup was initially going to be awarded to the Rome team that first won three consecutive matches away from home. When this did not happen, the organisers decided on a tournament, also extending participation to Bari and Fiorentina. The semi-finals had taken place in September 1930 and Lazio had beaten Fiorentina 5-3 on aggregate and Roma had eliminated Bari.

The final took place on June 26, 1932 at Campo Testaccio.

The first half saw a sterile attack by the Giallorossi. In the 2nd minute Raffaele Costantino was unable to make contact following a perfect Arturo Chini cross. In the 22nd Fulvio Bernardini hit the crossbar and two minutes later Alejandro Demaria’s shot was too high. Renato Bodini got injured in the 36th minute and had to leave the field. At this point, Lazio took over and Guido Masetti in the 40th minute managed to parry a Filò Guarisi attempt. In the last minute of the first half Ezio Sclavi saved a Chini shot.

Roma came into the second half with Bodini back on and determined to win but Sclavi and a bad day in the office for Rodolfo Volk made all efforts in vain. Sclavi saved a Cesare Fasanelli header in the 49th minute and a Fernando Eusebio shot in the 58th.

In the 63rd minute, wonderful one-two Demaria-Rato Castelli and ball to Joao Fantoni I unmarked in front of Masetti. No mistake and Lazio ahead.

After a missed chance by Volk, Fantoni first saw his shot saved by the Roma goalkeeper in the 71st minute and then, 30 seconds later, scored his double thanks to a Castelli assist. In the 76th minute Lazio made it three. Perfect cross from Demaria, wonderful header from Mario Malatesta and 3-0 for Lazio.

At this point Roma woke up and made some tactical changes. Sclavi saved on shots from Costantino and Bernardini but Lazio almost made it four in the dying seconds. Masetti managed to parry a Demaria shot into corner.

Lazio won the cup, deservedly.

Who played for Roma

Masetti, Mattei I, Bodini, Ferraris IV, Bernardini, D'Aquino, Costantino, Fasanelli, Volk, Eusebio, Chini

Manager: Baar

Who played for Lazio

Sclavi, Mattei II, Del Debbio, Pardini, Furlani, Fantoni II, Guarisi, Malatesta, Fantoni I, Castelli, Demaria

Manager: Sturmer

Referee: Pizziolo

Goals: 63’ Fantoni I, 71’ Fantoni I, 76’ Malatesta



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