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Höfling pounces on Toro blunder and gives Lazio win

Game 4, Serie A

Sunday October 1, 1950

Stadio Filadelfia, Turin

Torino Lazio 0-1

A goal by Romanian striker twenty minutes from time, after a goalkeeper mistake, brings two good points back to Rome

Source Lazio Wiki

Lazio were hoping to do as well as the previous season but knew it would not be easy. So far, the Biancocelesti had won 1, drawn 1 and lost 1.

The match

A nice, sunny day in the "Città della Mole" (The Mole Antonelliana landmark) gathered a crowd of 35,000 at the old Filadelfia.

Torino had a key player missing as their prolific striker Santos was not available.

Torino started strongly but Lazio's defence was solid as a rock. The Biancocelesti resisted Toro's pressure with a perfect team effort, with Stefano Malacarne and Mido Bimbi excelling on the flanks.

The first half was extremely balanced which was already good news in itself for the visitors.

The deadlock was in the end broken by a blunder by Torino and a stroke of luck for Lazio. In the 69th minute the Torino keeper Dante Piani in an attempt to throw the ball out managed to hit his foot, the ball arrived to an unmarked Norberto Höfling who ran forward and, helped by Piani then slipping, slotted it in. Torino 0 Lazio 1.

Torino then had three colossal chances to salvage a point. In the 81st minute Kjell Rosen was fouled in the area and a penalty given, he took it himself but missed. Soon after Johannes Plöger devoured a good opportunity and then, in the dying minutes, Rosen hit the crossbar. Final score Torino 0 Lazio 1.

Lazio had put on an impressive defensive performance and helped by a dose of luck come away with an important win.

Who played for Torino

Piani, Bersia, Grava, Rosen, Nay, Gremese, Onorato, Giraudo, Motta, Plöger, Carapellese

Manager: Bigogno

Who played for Lazio

Manager: Sperone

Referee: Longagnani

Goals: 69' Höfling



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