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Transfers 1947

Source Lazio Wiki

The previous season Lazio had arrived tenth under Austrian manager Tony Cargnelli. It was not a season to remember but the post war situation at the club was not exactly rosy so the objective was to avoid relegation. It was hoped that this season would be better.

Cargnelli was confirmed and some interesting players had arrived.


Sergio Piacentini, right back, had played with the Great Torino with whom he had won two scudetti and a Coppa Italia. Last year he played for Sampdoria.

Leando Remondini was one of the greatest defenders of his generation. Before the war he had played for Milan and last season he was part of the Modena defence which established the record for the least number of goals conceded in a 20-team Serie A season. A great coup for Lazio


Flavio Cecconi was a good midfield player arriving from Maceratese. He had started playing for Verona and played there for seven years.

Orlando Fantoni IV was a Brazilian forward, brother of Juan and Leonido and cousin of Octavio, all three past Lazio players.

Romano Penzo was an experienced forward who had played for Fiorentina (with whom he won the Coppa Italia in 1939-40), Inter and Milan. Last season he was at Brescia.

Salustiano Vidal was a Argentinian forward arriving from Indipendiente


Luigi Cassano, defender, he had arrived last season and made 33 appearances. He was sold to Sampdoria since, with the arrival of Piacentini and Remondini, there was no more space in the first eleven for him.

Edoardo Valenti, defender, had been playing for Lazio ever since he was a kid. He was very good at man-to-man marking but had suffered two serious injuries that marred his ability. He was sold to Perugia after 60 appearances for Lazio (14 in Serie A).

Antonio Sessa and Bruno Ispiro were both sold to Triestina. Sessa, defender/midfielder, had arrived last season for Pro Gorizia and made 17 appearances. Ispiro, forward, had also played just one season for Lazio with 28 appearances and five goals. As with Cassano, the new arrivals meant that it was time to go.

Engelbert Koenig, Austrian centre-forward, arrived at Lazio in 1942 and had also played for the club during the war years. He had made 103 appearances with 79 goals (41 in Serie A with 18 goals).


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