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Just one positive: the two points

Updated: Feb 7

Game 5, Serie B

Sunday, October 10, 1982

Stadio Olimpico, Rome

Lazio Cremonese 1-0

Biancocelesti in great difficulty manage to win thanks to a Giordano penalty

Ticket owned by Dag Jenkins, photo by Dag Jenkins

Lazio needed to confirm the progress shown the previous week at San Benedetto but unfortunately Maurizio Montesi was out with flu and substituted by Roberto Tavola. As a consequence the game was boring, the Biancocelesti were unable to play anywhere near a decent level. The first half was awful with nothing to report. All Cremonese did was to defend, they certainly could have done more.

Things improved in the second particularly because Vincenzo D’Amico substituted Leonardo Surro and there was now at least a minimum of unpredictably on the pitch. Lazio continued to have problems in creating chances but at least the game went from awful to just terrible. Roberto Badiani had a chance with a shot on an open goal that was only just wide after a misunderstanding between Enrico Pionetti and Sergio Paolinelli. Cremonese also had a chance but Gianluca Vialli on the counterattack could not do anything better than shoot at Fernando Orsi.

The match changer arrived 13 minutes to the end. Gabriele Podavini was tripped up in the box by Fabio Ferri. The Lazio right back had got into the area wanting to cross to the middle but there were no Laziali in sight so he opted to get a corner. The Cremonese defender however was too precipitous and the referee indicated the penalty spot. Bruno Giordano, who tried to preach in the desert all match, sometimes overdoing it, took the spot kick and Lazio went ahead.

That was all that was needed to win and that was basically all that happened in the game. A lot of work to do for the Biancocelesti if they wanted to get back to Serie A.

Who played for Lazio

Substitutes: Moscatelli, Pochesci, Perrone

Manager: Clagluna

Who played for Cremonese

Pionetti, Garzilli (81' Finardi), F.Ferri, Mazzoni (46' Montorfano), S.Di Chiara, Paolinelli, Viganò, Bonomi, Frutti, Bencina, Vialli.

Substitutes: C.Oddi, Boni, Rebonato.

Manager: Mondonico.

Referee: Lamorgese

Goal: 78’ Giordano (pen)



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