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Vella saves Lazio

Updated: Apr 29

Game 26, Serie B

Sunday, March 20, 1983

Stadio Renato Curi, Perugia

Perugia Lazio 1-1

A last gasp goal from Vella gives Lazio a deserved draw

Ticket owned by Dag Jenkins, photo by Dag Jenkins

Perugia is only a few hours away from Rome, hence the Umbrian town was invaded by quite a number of Lazio fans (including us) that filled the entire Curva Sud.

It had never been easy at Perugia for Lazio, and this match was a confirmation. The Grifoni started well and scored after just ten minutes. Long high cross in the box from Giovanni Pagliari, Moreno Morbiducci jumped higher than Marco Saltarelli and headed the ball in.

Lazio had trouble getting things organised and Perugia dominated. However after the initial onslaught, the Grifoni became more cautious and the Biancoceleste midfield took over especially with Enrico Vella and Roberto Tavola.

In the second half, Lazio had more control of the game even if there was a lot of confusion. Bruno Giordano hit the crossbar and post with a thundering shot from outside the box in the 47th minute. Perugia had a double chance first with a Morbiducci header off a Pagliari cross but Fernando Orsi saved, and then Morbiducci hit the woodwork in the 57th minute. Lazio increased pressure and Giordano had a couple of chances but it was not his day.

Just when all hope seemed lost, Lazio equalised. With thirty seconds to go, Perugia were unable to clear the area properly, Vella pounced towards the loose ball and headed into the goal.

A well deserved point for Lazio on a difficult pitch.

Who played for Perugia

Di Leo, Amenta, Ceccarini, Caneo, Ottoni, Sanguin, Piga, Ciardelli (68' Zagano), G.Pagliari, De Gradi, Morbiducci (81' Caso).

Substitutes: Marigo, Mauti, Zerbio.

Manager: Agroppi.

Who played for Lazio

Substitutes: Moscatelli, Pochesci, Spinozzi

Manager: Clagluna

Referee: Agnolin

Goals: 10’ Morbiducci, 89’ Vella

Four Perugia players involved in this match had been or would in the future be involved with Lazio. Dario Sanguin had played the previous two seasons with the Biancocelesti, as had Perugia’s second goalkeeper Dario Marigo. Mario Piga would play the following season for Lazio and Mimmo Caso would become one of the heroes of the -9 season, as well as the first manager under the Claudio Lotito presidency.



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