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Giordano pearl

Game 24, Serie B

Sunday, March 6, 1983

Stadio Giovanni Zini, Cremona

Cremonese Lazio 0-1

A fantastic Giordano free kick gives Lazio a great win three minutes from time

Source Lazio Wiki

A difficult game for Lazio in a tough moment. For the Biancocelesti the most important thing was not to lose and that is how the game plan was played out.

As a consequence, nothing much happened in the first half. Sauro Frutti arrived a fraction too late to tap in a cross by Gianluca Vialli and towards the end of the first half a Cremonese goal was disallowed by the referee because Walter Viganò had headed the ball when it was already in Nando Orsi's hands.

In the beginning of the second half, a deflected shot by Roberto Tavola had given Bruno Giordano the opportunity to score but he was anticipated by the Cremonese goalkeeper. The Lombards did try to break down the Lazio wall but could only muster a Sergio Paolinelli shot from very far out which Orsi managed to parry into corner.

Then, towards the end of the match, there was a corner for Lazio. The ball was cleared by the Cremonese defence and arrived to Enrico Vella just outside the box. The Biancoceleste midfielder was fouled. Free kick for Lazio, quite central. Tavola passed to Giordano who sent a surface to air missile to the top hand corner. Nothing Enrico Pionetti could do about it. It was the 87th minute and Lazio won.

To note that the next time the Biancocelesti would win an away match would be on June 8 1986 at Catanzaro!!!

A great moment for Giordano, harassed and insulted by the Cremonese fans from the beginning of the match. “Giordano Bruno you are nobody!!!”. And look what Mr. Nobody did …

Who played for Cremonese


Pionetti, Garzilli, Galbagini, Mazzoni (86' Boni), S. Di Chiara, Paolinelli, Viganò, Bonomi, Frutti (46' Rebonato), Bencina, Vialli.

Substitutes: Drago, Finardi, Montorfano.

Manager: Mondonico


Who played for Lazio


Substitutes: Moscatelli, Pochesci, Perrone, Chiodi

Manager: Clagluna


Referee: Pieri


Goal: 87’ Giordano



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