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There is hope

Updated: Apr 29

Game 35, Serie B

Sunday, May 22, 1983

Stadio Olimpico, Rome

Lazio Atalanta 2-1

The first win in two months plus the news that Giorgio Chinaglia may purchase the club give new hope to fans

On Sunday May 22, Lazio fans woke up with heavy hearts. But when they went to buy the newspaper, they saw that Giorgio Chinaglia wanted to buy Lazio. The enthusiasm that this news generated brought 55,000 people to the Olimpico.

Dream start for Lazio. In the 2nd minute Vincenzo D’Amico from the left sent in a cross that the Atalanta goalkeeper could safely catch. But the ball dropped out of his arms and Roberto Badiani was the quickest to react and volleyed the ball in.

All downhill for Lazio? No. Atalanta took charge of the game and in the 11th minute equalised. Bortolo Mutti sent in a cross from the right, the Lazio defence were a bit slow and Marco Pacione beat Fernando Orsi.

The Bergamaschi played well, especially with former Lazio Andrea Agostinelli and future star Roberto Donadoni, and it looked as if Lazio's winning drought would continue. Giordano was all alone up front, not helped by either Claudio Ambu or D’Amico.

However, in the 28th minute there was a free kick for Lazio outside the box, 25 metres out. D’Amico found a gap in the Atalanta wall and Lazio were back in front.

Lazio almost made it three at the end of the first half but Gabriele Podavini’s shot was saved on the line by Daniele Filisetti.

Atalanta did everything they could to equalise in the second half and went very near with Donadoni, Maurizio Codogno and Giorgio Magnocavallo, but the Lazio defence managed to hold on to the win. Lazio were still in second place, but now by themselves.

Who played for Lazio

Substitutes: Moscatelli, Miele, Sciarpa

Manager: Morrone

Who played for Atalanta

Benevelli, Codogno, Magnocavallo, Snidaro (46' Foscarini), Filisetti, E. Perico, Donadoni, D.Moro (77' Madonna), Mutti II, Agostinelli, Pacione.

Substitutes: Bordoni, Bruno, Sandri.

Manager: O.Bianchi.

Referee: Leni

Goals: 2’ Badiani, 11’ Pacione, 28’ D’Amico



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